Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru is following in the footsteps of all Kenyans who are fantasising about the NYS loot.
The radio star has some words of wisdom for the government.

“A “harpaxophiliac” is someone who gets sexually aroused from the thought of being robbed…And going by the trend of corruption and looting of public funds I have come to the conclusion that the government believes taxpayers suffer from this condition…”

However, the Kiss FM presenter said, he has very good use for the NYS money if it was ever deposited erroneously into his bank account.
That actually happened.
A Kenyan designer, Monica Kanari, returned a whooping Ksh 15,306,689 that was erroneously deposited into her account on December 20, 2016.

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Monicah, who is a designer of a company called Occasions and Days says she didn’t supply any goods for the money.

“I was surprised to get money in my account, a whole Sh15 million and when I asked my bank, they told me it had been sent from Central Bank. On further inquiry, I discovered it had been sent from the NYS and I felt the good thing is to ask the bank to re-wire the money back to where it came from. I even wrote to the PS about this,” She said as quoted by The Standard

Monica Kanari

Now, Shaffie has a different take on that issue.

“So if #TheRaverend mysteriously received millions of shillings in my empty bank account, I would definitely think it’s manna from heaven…

This would be that opportunity the “wagenge” say only knocks once, so I will definitely answer the door and grab that opportunity like that ex who left me for a rich sponsor, “Kesi Baadaye”.

There’s a reason why such sh*t would never happen to #TheRaverend. I’m so unlucky that the only thing I have ever won or got for free is punishment when I once went to collect my money order in high school.

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Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru. photo credit: file

I bumped into the discipline master near the bazaar’s office and the guy assumed I was there for the usual dose of six of the best.

The idiot actually threw me to the ground and whipped me for no reason. I was so shocked but I didn’t complain…When he was done he asked me what I had done to be sent to his office first thing on a Monday morning.

I was like ‘nothing’, then the punk told me such is life and the viboko were advance punishment.

That said and done I warn the government or anyone who’s planning to put random cash in my accounts. You will “Lamba Lolo”. The cash will disappear quick minus slow. I’m not about to be a hero and I don’t mess with destiny. I’m not about to interfere with forces that want to see me prosper!!!

Shaffie Weru on loans

I will spend that money with no mercy like it’s my birthright…I’m not planning to die poor in the name of integrity. I don’t need guys to come and speak lies at my burial.

I want when guys say “He lived a full life” they actually mean it and add the fact that I did it with a big spoon matafakas!!!!!

#TheRaverend is a very respectful person. Why disrespect “wagenge” when they said if you can’t beat them join them…When you go to Rome do as the Romans do. So if it’s corruption season, I’m so jumping into that storo!!!”

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