Shaffie Weru and daughter
With his eldest daughter Milan

Shaffie Weru the Raverend is also the revered father of two girls from two different marriages. The man makes a point of showing that he cares greatly for his brood even though one of them lives abroad.

He showed off his father of the year credentials when he decided to visit his daughter Milan who stays in the United States. Milan is becoming a teen and the radio presenter wanted to be with her on this special occasion.

Shaffie Weru and daughter

For those of you wondering who Milan is? Let me answer. Shaffie had Milan from his previous tempestous relationship with former Tatu singer Debbie Asila.

The two did not work out obviously as he later on married Joan Mwihaki with whom they have a daughter called Nia.

Shaffie and Nia
Shaffie and Nia

Those who follow him closely will see that he posts a lot about Nia because she lives with him, but for Milan not so much. Distance being the main factor.

While he was there, Shaffie also decided to share some cheeky nuggets with his daughter as she becomes a teen. He wrote:

13 Can be a tough Age!!! You have to deal with Bullies, Strict Parents, and Puberty!!! Only Dope thing Atleast You are growing up in the age of the Internet!!! Happy 13

Shaffie Weru and daughter
Shaffie with daughter Milan and friends

Milan was quick to respond to her father with some equally touching words.

She wrote:

My 💗 My Everything!!!! Daddy will definitely 😘…Enjoy the rest of your summer just always remember daddy 💕 you until the end of time en back….

Shaffie is a bit like his other bearded friend Rick Ross. He believes in spending money for a proper birthday. Rick bought his daughter a 20 million shilling Bentley for her sweet 16 earlier this year.

Rick Ross car
Rick Ross gift to his daughter

That begs the question. What would you spend on a birthday for a loved one if money wasn’t an issue?

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