Wahenga walinena kipendacho moyo hula nyama mbichi! In the recent past, we have all been treated to endless rhetoric from a number of women (including the said Neomi Ng’ang’a), who have been declaring their undying love for popular public figures.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has constantly been singled out as a victim of this nonsense!!! Eti ooh..his beards..sijui ooh… he has a Ferrari to ooh… he’s such a nice dancer! Women will be the end of us I swear!

See How Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho Is Stealing Women’s Hearts On Social Media

Well, Joho has been every lady’s dream man of late, thanks to his newly acquired swag and his ever-impressive sense of fashion. Or so it seems.

He is also a big baller and it’s a known fact that women love men with fat bank accounts.

Now, just a few months ago, actress, plus size model and former radio presenter Neomi Ng’ang’a jumped onto the band-wagon by openly declaring her freakish admiration and love for Governor 001.


After her declaration, she has yet again lit up social media with photo after photo of her luscious self, some of which reveal her ample assets, leaving little to the imagination. This has left Team Mafisi full of desire & lust, endlessly salivating for a taste of the House of Lungula actress!

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The curvaceous ex-1FM presenter is beaming with unparalleled self-confidence and she doesn’t shy from showing the world what her mama gave her.

Feel free to flip through the gallery below to see the sexy photos:

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