Hamah Nsubuga

Ugandan woman Hamah Nsubuga living with HIV/AIDs has transformed after she was diagnosed with the virus.

Her health has improved and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

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The lady has used her social media accounts to fight against HIV/AIDS and stigma.

In her latest post, she said many HIV patients die because they don’t take medication seriously.

When you accept your status and take your medicine in time you only receive positive results, you look good and stress free

The only problem why the rate of HIV is at high now because people who are infected they don’t want to take medicine, they only think of revenging by infecting innocent people. Their motto is I won’t die alone.

If those who are infected accept to go for treatment HIV will be no more because people who are on treatment their chance of spreading the virus is at a low rate than those who are not on treatment.

So protect your life HIV is real. I know you may say hamah is positive but she is looking good. Yes I look good but it takes alot. This life of positivity is not easy mwekume.

Hamah Nsubuga
Hamah Nsubuga holding ARVs

Hamah, who was infected by her ex-lover said she came out publicly to reveal her status so as to ‘encourage people living with HIV and those who are still in denial not to give up and take medication’.

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Below are photos of Hamah, which prove that HIV/AIDs is not a death sentence.
Hamah Nsubuga
Hamah Nsubuga Hamah Nsubuga Hamah Nsubuga Hamah Nsubuga Hamah Nsubuga

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