Lillian Muli

It takes guts for one to rock hotpants. Not just anyone can. You need a good body; great legs and of course a great derriere.

HOT PANT SACCO! Meet The Kenyan Women Who Make Men Wet Their Pants When They Rock HOT PANTS

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli is among the few media lasses who are well endowed and know what is good and what doesn’t work for theoir body types and shapes.

Lillian, a mother of one, has managed to maintain her youthful looks unlike many women who struggle with post-baby body.

She is in her mid-thirties and yet looks like she’s in her late 20’s. The sexy TV siren is currently on holiday

2. Lillian Muli
2. Lillian Muli

The sexy TV siren is currently on holiday in an undisclosed part of the country which seems to be too hot and as usual, she posted photos rocking a pair of white hot pants that left many wagging tongues. Here are the photos.


Lillian Muli


Lillian Muli


Lillian Muli

Masaibu Ya Ndoa! Lillian Muli Finally Speaks About Her Painful Divorce


Lillian Muli


Lillian Muli

Team Mafisi were well represented. Check out the comments

Wanjiru: Looking good Lilian

Muthoni: You look good

Charles: Stunning

Izo: Mapaja nayo

Omondi: You are dope baby

Fab: Mmmmmmm! Sisemi kitu. I’m actually choking!

Jeff: Thighs for life

Lucy: Looking pretty