This one is about as explosive as it can get. A wife whose husband is cheating on her allegedly with a sexy socialite, a desperate socialite who runs off to a witchdoctor to keep her beau and an unrepentant man.

When you look at this fine nubile lass, the first thing that strikes you is her supple legs. And from then her beauty. So you can understand my surprise at seeing this lass getting lampooned by an irate woman who alleged that she had consulted a witchdoctor just so she could keep her husband.

I was minding my own business when I got hit with this:


And so I begun digging… And what I found was the following story:

Apparently, Zaheer had caught wind of a story that was breaking like wind. Her husband had been carrying on with Amberay and it had gotten to a point where Ms Amber was visiting a witchdoctor to get information from the spirits on how to keep the man in question.

The story gets even more explosive on the next page: