Jane Mukami is not a relatively new name in the Kenyan social media realm. The sexy lady is a professional fitness instructor who has been profiled on many local media outlets, proof that she is doing things right. She is the founder of the Fit Kenyan Girl Facebook page and owns a website that gives free fitness tutorials. In February 2013, she was awarded two certifications; one certifying that she is a Personal Trainer by AAAI (American Aerobic Association International) while the other accrediting her as a Wellness & Nutrition Consultant by AFPA (American Fitness Professionals Associates).

At the just concluded OLX SOMA Awards, she won the Best Facebook Group Award. This is because of her 21 Days Of Change Campaign which saw over 48,000 women join for a weight loss challenge.

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She started her fitness journey back in 2008. At that time, she was 27 and having a hard time staying fit; her waistline was out of shape and she was not comfortable with her weight. She has over the years taken part in major body building competitions in the U.S.

Here’s the thank you note that she posted on her Facebook page:

“Thanks to OLX Social Media Awards (SoMA) Awards for the wonderful event and taking time to recognise that Social Media does and will continue to impact our society.

A big thanks for whoever it is that entered the 21 days of change facebook group (facebook.com/groups/fitkenyangirl) for nomination.

We have a record of 800 kgs lost by 117 women in the 21 days days of change group and I’m stoked to see that more and more people are eager to get healthy. Again, this award belongs to all 48,000++ women in the 21 days of change facebook group for without them there would have been no award to win.

Thanks to Everybody that took their time to vote.

A SPECIAL thanks to my decentralized team. They create the magic behind the scenes and make everything work despite the crazy time zones – My amazing brand manager Jessica Mutuku in florida, development team in India, Support agents In Phillipines, Graphic Designers In New York, Video editors in Florida and Egypt, My admins Jordan Rihannah Noni Ngae in California and Georgina Mukami in Nairobi.”

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