Being a gospel celebrity is one hell on earth if I must say. You have to live your life according to the strict rules of the gospel. You are not allowed to preach water and drink wine. From dressing like a church girl in long skirts, like sacks, to covering every part of your body, to even attending church services every Sunday, you have to stick to these religious ways or else you will be crucified for living the sinful ways.

Well, popular gospel singer Nicah the Queen – comedian Dr Ofweneke’s wife – has once again made headlines and this time, it’s not about a new song but her recent photo where she is showing off her juicy breasts.

The photo which is currently trending has left many talking for days. Some social media users have lashed out at the Pagawisha singer claiming that she is misleading many and not being a good example.

“I Almost Became A Prostitute,” Confesses Popular Gospel Singer

Really? Why are people so quick to judge? Do you mean if you are a gospel celebrity you cannot wear bikinis, sleep in some nice lingeries or even put on something sexy? People should style up and support our local talent instead of being petty.

Below is Nicah the Queen’s photo that got everyone talking