Annitah Raey

Hot 96 FM presenter Annitah Raey has worked for four radio stations so far. The mother of two is a former street urchin who has for the first time revealed that she was fired by Ghetto Radio, where she started her media career.

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Annitah was hired by Ghetto Radio in 2013 but fame got into her head due to popularity and she would skip work and at some point, she went missing for two weeks. She was 24 by then.

Speaking in an interview with fellow media personality Jeff Kuria, she said,

I had gone for a road trip to Eldoret over the weekend and did not go back to work for two weeks for no reason. I thought they would look for me.

After going back, she was sent packing and struggled to get a job. The former Radio Jambo presenter said she learnt a lot during that period including friendship and when she was later recalled to work, she had to choose who to let in her life.

After working for a year at the station, Annitah Raey said she went on maternity leave and after returning to work she was poached by Milele FM but left after a sexual harassment ordeal.

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The bold presenter was lucky and she got another job with Radio Jambo and was known for her Sema na Raey show, which she hosted on the station.

Speaking about her experience working at the Radio Africa owned Swahili station, she said,

I hosted a 5-hour talk show that created a new audience for me and I became very popular. People still associate me with the show though I left Radio Jambo.

She left Radio Jambo for Hot 96 in 2018, where she’s currently working.