Days after a video of a man masturbating in public was shared online. A Kenyan man has shared his perverted sexual proclivities.

*Wafula said that seeing animals mate makes his blood boil, literally. Sharing his secret to Mbusii on ‘Toboa siri’ he said,

‘I am from Busia. Since I was 14 years old I was attracted to animals mating.

I would get turned on and so I started ‘sleeping with them.’

I started with cows then later to sheep then returned to cows. I just get attracted to animals mating.’

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Wafula who is now 20 said that his addiction has been there for years.

‘Currently, I am 20 years old so I have been doing this for the last six years. I love going to church I have tried praying but nothing worked.

Maybe it’s a curse, that I will never tell.’

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Asked on whether he has a mental problem, Wafula said, ‘No’.

‘That thing makes me ”boil.’ Even when am going to tether them I just find myself wanting to mate with them.

I have tried but I cannot stop. At 14 the urges were very high but now they have gone down. ‘

On whether he is dating, Wafula explained.

‘Currently, I have four girlfriends.’

Ladies condomize otherwise utaletewa ugonjwa. And what advise do you have for Wafula’s baes.

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