Corazon Kwamboka rose to fame for being the socialite with the biggest,  yet shapely butt Рas opposed to others who have are short of it. She has brains too. When she tested the waters of fame and got what she wanted Рmoney Рshe decided to use her newly acquired status in society to build her law career.

In recent press publications, she alludes to having departed from ratchetness and embraced class. This has been a pattern for socialites; they swim through dirt knowing that their D-day is on the way. Yes, their big day. Think of Vera who went through a shocking transformation, only to invest in a business later on.

Forget About Her Nude Photos, You Will Be Shocked By What Socialite Corazon Kwamboka Has Done This Time Round

So, for her, it’s a wrap with the extreme cheekiness. However, treating her fans to occasional videos of her bouncy curves has become a part of her. She truly doesn’t wanna let go of that aspect of her persona. Once a bad girl, always a bad girl.

Will her law career be affected by her previous drama? Will the publicity boost her? Time will tell. Meanwhile, I think she’s got to to be the sexiest lawyer in Kenya.

Corazon Kwamboka’s new life