From the food to the runway showcasing of the various designers who exhibited at the event, there was a lot of good-looking women and men. I prepared for you a 2-part portfolio on who made the show glow.

The event was geared towards showcasing the best of African fashion as well as supporting charity. DJ Foozak made the day worth holding on to; the runway show was out of this world.

Among the designers that took to the spotlight included Shenu Hooda (Pakistan), Boutique Mahali, Vsishali Saree (India), Needle Point (Nigeria) and Drop of a Hat (Kenya)

Boutique Mahali Designs by Charity [Kenya]

Shenu Hooda by Shenu Hooda [Pakistan]

Needle Point by Theresa Onwuka [Nigeria]

Drop of a Hat by Chloe Mitchell [Kenya]

Random photos from the colorful event: