Shiko Baibe

Shiko Baibe, a Kenyan sex worker, has shared how she is handling her clients during this period of the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Shiko said,

‘I am avoiding people coming to my place, I am however ensuring that they sanitize and wash their hands properly.

I have savings that can last me a few days but it cannot last me for two weeks.

All the bars where we meet potential clients have been closed.

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We are ready to go for leave but how will they support us? We have bills to pay.

I have done this job for 13 years, We have never stayed this long without working.’

Shiko said that newcomers have made business very competitive.

‘Our job now has many different people and it’s become very competitive.

As much as there is Coronavirus work was not that good.’

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Shiko said that her job has not been without challenges as she was once drugged by a customer.

‘I was once drugged by a client, he stole my phone and all the cash I had worked for that day.

We were just at the club negotiating. when he decided to take advantage of the situation.’

Like every little girl, she had dreams of being  a successful doctor, but sadly they never came to pass.

‘I wanted to be a doctor growing up, but having been brought up in the ghetto my friends introduced me to prostitution.

They told me they could not help me every day, We also have families and boyfriends and it’s no secret.’

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