My good friend Jordan has been single for almost half a year, since the last time he had sex was a crazy, unforgettable experience. He took his girlfriend Kezia to Nakuru for a weekend getaway, as he had been abroad for long.

Having been sex deprived (he’s such a faithful dude, trust me), he decided to hit it away from Nairobi…for a whole f*cking weekend.

He did not have a major plot, except for the Airbnb he booked. His girlfriend is a crazy one. How? You may ask. She once won a kissing competition while in her first year of college. I don’t even know how she maintains her athletic body yet she eats like there’s no tomorrow.

Anyway, back to our little story. Once they settled in, they found out that there was a local artist who was to perform. Mind you, this was to be their biggest night. However, Kezia wanted it to be a lit one. Not just booze and rounds of f*cking. Off they went. Their cab dropped them at the venue at around 9pm.

Quickly, they bribed their way in since it was an impromptu plot and neither of them had tickets.

Turn uuup! Kezia had worn the skimpiest dress every; it was a below-a**-kinda-dress. Her a** was popping as if it had been on steroids.

Jordan was the kinda guy to get completely turned on by grabbing his girl’s fat a**. He has a fetish for asses.

When the main act took to the stage, they went crazy wild with dancing. Kezia knew that her man was on dryspell. She ground her ass on his d**k proper.

At this point, couldn’t hold it any longer. He grabbed Kezia’s hand and walked her outside the venue. There were a lot of young guys smoking and drinking at the gate. He led a few blocks away from the event. They saw a corridor, with no one around to see what was about ot go down.

Grabbed her leg, pushed it up to reveal her already moist kitty. The entire time, they were not talking at all. After giving her endless hot kisses on her neck and collarbone, he slid his kigongi inside her, making her 8 month tightness feel his wrath. She had been panty-less all along. He then dropped the Trust condom wrapper that he had in his right hand and put her on his waist.

The next 15 minutes were a steamy session. They were in their own world. It was until then they realized that they had attracted a few men and women who were being served with boiled eggs and samosas just at the end of the pathway.

Kezia had already climaxed and Jordan was tired to pieces. He quickly let her to her feet, helped her get dressed well and led her away from the view of the forming crowd. He ordered a cab and quickly dashed back to the house. They had drunken sex for the rest of the night.

The next morning, he swore not to ever have PDA with Kezia in public. He was nervous. What if blogs got photos of him and his bae romping in public? Luckily enough, the darkness was sufficient to guarantee their privacy. No one could have known their age, for example.

It has been long since he f*cked…he told me yesterday, actually. He still feels embarrassed. Would you ever make love in public, no matter how horny you get?


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