To be honest, I’ve dated different kinds of chicks over the years, but no one will ever beat this girl that I had a thing with immediately I graduated out of high school.

I had known Sheila several months prior to deciding that I would want to make her mine.

One thing I hate about relationships is the drama that comes with them and the perpetual insecurity that can make your head burst in a second!

Anyways, I decided to give it a shot. You see, our first few weeks were lovey dovey-ish since I am a great charmer. Things were smooth until I realized that she was what I loathed in typical Nairobi women. She was a weed junkie, alcoholic and sex addict. Damn. I wasn’t sure if I could handle all that.

My poor, innocent soul was about to be shattered.

Our conversations started turning into small fights; we literally argued over small issues!

Now, on a regular Thursday afternoon, I went to her place just to check on her, surprise her with a gift. She loved jewelry. She was a really cool, stylish girl. Upon knocking the door, I was greeted a cold, blank stare which quickly turned into a grimace. I pushed my way through the doorway, pretending that nothing had happened.

“Why are you always calling me when I am out with my girls?”, Sheila asked, shrugging.

“Do you mean that I am not supposed to know where my girl is? It’s not like I do not care…” I mumbled, anticipating an outburst.

She came, sat on my lap, started lecturing me on how I was too possessive. Was I? I don’t know. I can’t fully recall how our relationship. Upon realizing that I was unresponsive and not willing to engage in drama, she slumped back into the sofa.

Sheila want into a 5 minute silence as we watched some boring program on the telly. Trying to salvage the situation, I crawled to her like a camouflaged Cheetah.

“Don’t touch me!”, she squeaked.

I still proceeded. I grabbed her hands, pinned them on the sofa such that her cleavage was popping. I stared at her tits thoughtfully. She knew what was in my mind.

“I know that you’re all moody today, but I’ll make it up to you. Let’s go out for dinner tonight, shall we?,” I offered.

“Don’t think that you can ‘bribe me’ with food! I’d rather starve than listen to your idiotic proposals!,” she said and turned her face away from me.

I then bent close to her tits, showered them with warm air from my mouth. She curled as if she was about to faint. I then licked her tits and made them all wet.

“Fuck baby, fuuuuck,” she moaned. I didn’t stop. I knew she just wanted good D. It wasn’t an argument after all. When I touched her kitty (she never wore panties whenever I was around), she was dripping wet.

I couldn’t help it. My body was hot like volcanic lava. I slid in between her legs and filled her with unbearable sweet pain. She held me tighter as I stoked her wild. She didn’t even know when I managed to wear a studded Trust Condom!

A few hours later, we lay wasted on the sofa, cheekily teasing each other. This would happen every single time we fought.

To date, she has never stopped texting me every 7 months to “check on me”. Sigh.


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