Our film industry is growing, and I cannot wait for that day Kenyans will start flocking the cinemas to watch locally produced movies and appreciate the great content and talents that we have.

Monday night I was lucky to have been invited for the screening of Historia Films’ new sex comedy “Fundi-Mentals” at Imax,  and would like to give my opinion about it.

We have a very sensitive film classification board and sometimes writers and producers cannot freely express themselves without thinking about the board that “regulates content consumed by the public”.

However, Historia Films have continued pushing the envelope by producing adult rated movies in Kenya


Set in Kinoo (Upper Westlands), Joseph (Gerald Langiri) and his assistant Moses (Charlie Karumi) like to think of themselves as the Best Fundis in that neighborhood, despite their unorthodox methods. But the entry of a new Multinational Service Company in town throws all this in jeopardy. To avoid going out of business, they introduce to their female customers a new type of sex-press service with hilarious results!

Joseph is outstandingly played by Gerald Langiri, now a household name due to his success on a number of local TV series and “House of Lungala.” His acting is very mature and shows shades of emotions very effectively, and he’s also very funny. Joseph’s assistant Moses (Charlie Karumi) exceeds his normal comedy boundaries and pulls off the character of an ambitious and dull-witted assistant perfectly.   Lizz Njagah, Kalekye Mumo and Neomi Ng’ang’a do decent jobs of portraying sexually loose women. Joseph’s wife (Florence Nduta) steals the show

Veronica Waceke, Ruth Maingi, Milkah Ndegwa and Ojiambo Ainea’s characters were strong, even though they didn’t get enough screen time to fully develop. Generally all they actors did a great job.

The message in this film is very clear, and I’m sure many people can relate to it. Also be ready to laugh your head off because it’s also very funny, more during the sex scenes.

The cinematography, directing and generally the whole production was equally awesome. Good job Alexandros Konstantaras and team.

This is definitely a must watch guys. And also don’t forget to vote for Gerald Langiri as the BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY for the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

On a scale of Scale of 1-54 .