Are you ready for a Fundi-Mental 2015?

A lot of music videos have landed on the Kenyan scene recently that were either hits or misses.. A few names come to mind, some that we loved more than others. And some that Kenyans On Twitter loved to hate. 


The makers of hit movie, HOUSE of Lungula, Historia Films, in conjunction with Native Productions have released a new music video to the title track of their latest COMEDY movie Fundi-Mentals. They did the same with their award-winning movie House Of Lungula.


This is a music video like no other in Kenya, check it out for yourselves below. It involves a sequence of crazy shots with the Fundi-Mentals cast doing only what we can refer to as Karaoke-ing to the song. You can also join in as the lyrics to the song are on the music video just like in a real Karaoke setting.

The rock song is called (what else) “Fundi-Mentals” and is written and performed by the Greek rock singer Harrys Pourouzidis.


The video features the cast of the movie, Crazy Gerald Langiri (the only East African Actor who got a nomination in the AMVCA for best actor in comedy), Kookoo Charlie Karumi, Mental Neomi Ng’ang’a, Sassy Lizz Njagah and Funny girl Florence Nduta. All this mixed in with never seen before footage from the film. Director Alexandros Konstantaras also features in the music video.


WARNING: watch at your own risk, viewing this video has been known to crack some ribs. The producers accept no liability in cases of injury, however extreme.