Sex is one of the most talked about topics in the whole wide world.

Well, a popular singer has come out to talk about what most gospel artistes are afraid of talking about….Sex.

Lady Bee, who was well known for her secular song featuring Nonini Kumbuka and Genge Love is a changed person.

Bee, who is not afraid to talk about her past has gone ahead to advice about these issues, she posted a photo of her TBT, the days when she considered herself a badgirl.

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lady bee

She posted;

“Hahaha acha nicheke kidogo ??This pic reminds me of my youth life? waaaa I was unstoppable the things I was told not to do were the things I was doing ushaishi life yaumangaa??I forgot life was all about me I never thought that a day like today I’ll have this picture as a Tbt ?I thought ntakua 18 till I die..”

She went on to talk about what has been irritating her;

 “The other day I saw a post talking about how youth are involved in SEX and many are infected with Hiv/Aids?? I was so sad and said in my heart I wish they knew that 15 is just a stage before you know it you’ll be 29,30 Why waste your life?why??Sex was made by God He created that for Married people to enjoy?”

lady bee 3

She continued;

“If you’re told to have Sex everyday till you die nonstop utatoboa?? why try what one day you’ll do that is if you’ll get married? ?Haraka ni ya what? One day utakua unatafuta msee wakukwambia Hi ama Msupa wakukwambia wee ni mnoma ukose?”

Unlike most gospel celebrities, it seems Bee has stack to her calling since she started doing gospel music.

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