Kenyan men have reacted to news that soon condoms might soon run out of stock.

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The world’s biggest condom maker Malaysia-based Karex Bhd warned consumers that the global supply may run out in two months, igniting mixed reactions on social media.

The condoms demand is high due to coronavirus which has left many dead and thousands across the world infected.

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Well, Kenyans have reacted to the condoms company warning and below is what some had to say;

Simo Cool Yeah we need to replace the dead..yule wa p2 pia something

chege9328 Woiiiiii mimi kwisha ball manenoz hahaha naenda kwetu heeeee

r.a.m.b.o2 Kwani watu wanatumia hizo kujingika n corona😂

megan_glo Tutazaa tu

Nicholas Muendo Sure this world is home to many, somebody is thinking of what your doing while locked up in your house!! Their business is what your doing! Ok,but i urge you to consider sending your news in in box of those who concerns them.wengine hatuna hata Wa kutunyima.we have God,we have the food, sanitizers we have, the wine but we lack

Muluvi Francis This doesn’t concern us we singles. We’re only concerned with face masks shortage!

Dewakiz Shiku Immortality will end ,corona has reduced prostitituon,most of clubs has closed.God is trying to signal you that He don’t want those immortality. MTU akae na Mimi yake.if you are with your wife,those items cannot be used.Na wenye kutumia zikiisha hawatafanya usherati wataogopa bila.people should know to control their body as it is holly and honourable. God hate sexual immortality

Omollo Ule wa P2 pia agome we need to evaluate coronavirus impact to world population by December let these fare eaters give us some rewards.But we can reuse some incase situation doesn’t permit free diving

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Gladys Makokha What do you expect…but wait, but how can…coz husbands are with their wives…..kwani wanatumia CDs…
Phyllis Njuguna They got to be serious…we can’t be staying home looking at each other like bro n siz…let them get bac to business

Jane Waruguru There’s a message God is trying to bring to our attention… God is uniting families together… forgot about those cds n concentrate on the word of God n the rest shall follow.

Raphael Rob Kagwera Let me just say this. World governments should be more worried of the number of kids that we’ll be having by December. The population will surge by triple figures

Zeddy Samilla I’m happy to be in marriage.. somethings don’t apply to me

Elphas Mackenzie If we can’t get the condoms then I beg the government to let people work from the factory not at home!!! Because come December or January, the number of kid’s people are going to give birth to will be in thousands especially those in hot spots……to make matters worse,tunaingia Kwa nyumba masaa ya kuku, by 8pm mtu umekula then mnaingia kasarani pap…..matokeo ni 🤰🤰

Kipruto Victor Kipkosgei At least our brothers from the other side wako na yao natural. They are now celebrating.

Willis Ochieng Nyama Kwa nyama………Bae wangu it is upon you decide for my Bunduki to be in Quarantine trouser or curfew mood

Newton Njuguna M We don’t even need it this time of coronavirus, all our energy is subjected to how one can get out coronavirus free

Josephat Musembi No worry! Since due to pandemic covid_19, we must maintain the distance ie the issue of conjugal rights will be addressed later

Nancy Achieng We’re in trouble some of us use it as family planning.

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