The killers of a Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei attached to Deputy President William Ruto’s Harambee House Annex office were super malicious in their murder plot.

The police believe that Sergeant Kenei could have been murdered and did not commit suicide as earlier reported.

Detectives zeroed in on Kenei’s phone location.

They are trying to establish how Kenei’s phone location changed after his last phone call and texts to his wife.

The officers have been tracing his last moments.

A DCI officer aware of the investigations revealed that the last call Kenei made to his wife at 9.41 pm on February 18 was from his house.

It lasted 53 minutes.

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Using advanced phone triangulation methods, the officers established that moments after Kenei sent his wife a text message, his phone picked a signal at a different location within Imara Daima, estate and not his Villa France house.

The same signal picked his M-Pesa transaction of Sh35,000 through Equity Bank’s mobile money service at 12.25 am on February 19.

“The change in location especially the difference of at least two-and-half hours between 9.52 pm and 12.24 am are crucial timeliness in providing clues to what transpired,” the DCI officer said.

During the time of the M-Pesa transactions, which included Sh10,000 to his father, Kenei could not respond to text messages from his wife over the unusual transfer of money to her phone. His phone went off at around 7.31 am on February 19, with all his social media platforms deactivated.

This seems to be tact to cover up their steps and wipe out his online profile clean to avoid leaving any leads that would not resonate with a suicide narrative.

It is suspected that Kenei was brutally murdered in a cover up style because he was expected to record a statement with the DCI in connection with the probe into the Sh40 billion fake arms deal involving former Sports CS Rashid Echesa. He was at work on the day Echesa and his co-accused are said to have visited the DP’s office in the planning of the military tender.

Who killed Kenei! Who pulled the trigger?