Wahu has decided to give her two cents to the government.

The country is going through tough times now after the NYS scandal is hitting hard for the second most gripping and ridiculous season.

Kenyans are in disbelief that this is happening yet again and the first one scandal is still pending and unresolved.

This news affects everyone who falls under the term, ‘taxpayer’.

NYS. photo credit: the star

Wahu took to her social media with a message to Mr. President, Uhuru Kenyatta. She is sympathetic. She sympathizes with the generation of today and the generation to come.

All she wants is the president to do, is stand behind the country and STOP CORRUPTION!

“Dear Mr. President @ukenyatta. Here’s a note from me to you! on my behalf, and on behalf of generations coming behind us. Show no Mercy!



Wahu based her message using Mahathir Mohamad as an example. When he was elected, he recovered $50billion of the loot that was corruptly lost.

Within those 5 days, he also managed to arrest 9 ministers, shut down the airspace and sea to block any corrupt person from escaping.

Within the same period of time, 144 businessmen were arrested because of their corrupt nature including 50 judges, 200 cops.

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The best about Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia that Kenyans dream to have in their country is that he has reduced tax come June 2018.

This is an example Wahu is seeking the president to follow.

The poor people becoming poorer as the rich are getting richer. The big thieves are left scotch free while a small petty thief who has stollen his neighbour’s chicken is in prison for the next 10 years or so.

Just after four members of the Ngirita family in Naivasha have been arrested in an ongoing swoop of suspects linked to the loss of Sh9 billion National Youth Service scandal.

#IfikieNameless! Wahu’s kissing photo goes viral, na sio na bwanake (Photo)

The four, Ms. Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita who was paid Sh59 million for supplying ‘air’ to the NYS, her mother Ms. Lucy Wambui, sister Phyllis and brother Gicini are being held at the Naivasha Police Station.

The suspects were arrested at their home in Lake View Estate in Naivasha at about 8 am and are set to be transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters in Nairobi for grilling.

Ms. Wambui owns two firms, Waluco and Ngiwaco Investments which are among 10 companies whose directors were summoned by detectives last week in connection to the NYS scandal. Ms Ann said she mandated her mother to operate one of her bank accounts linked to the scandal.

Well, at the end of the day, all Kenyans want is justice served!

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