The heavy rains in Nairobi have cost people a lot, from houses flooding to roads and even lives. Jalango who hosts a radio show alongside Jeff Koinange missed work today morning due to unavoidable circumstances.


He called in to explain to both his listeners and Jeff the reason why he was absent from work today. He started his story saying he was invited by a friend to Isinya and on their way back, the rain became too much which of course messes with your vision on the road. They sunk into a deep pool of water which then swept them off but luckily they managed to escape and called a flatbed to tow his beast the Range Rover.

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Jalango says that it was a scary scene and all he wants is just to get back to Nairobi safe. He tells Jeff that he has called upon his friend who is sending in a chopper to pick him up for a safe landing away from the bad roads in Isinya.

All we can do is pray for safety on these roads of Nairobi because the floods are crazy and the roads are unpassable.