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The trend #Ifikiewazazi has caused some serious trouble for many youngins but more specifically the Nairobi photographers.

When the trend started most of us were left with our mouths open wondering what the world is coming to. In case you have been living in a cave, #IfikieWazazi is a hashtag that started on social media after young models shared pictures of themselves posing in raunchy poses on social media. Now we have the new trend #IfikieWatoto.

The hashtag is still trending as the Kenyans scramble to get a grasp of what’s going on.This has raised a lot of questions in terms of morality and where we stand as a society in terms of instilling principles in our young.

On a lighter note, the hashtag, #IfikieWatoto is out! Yes, an image of an old couple leaked as they were on the dance floor getting down. This was probably shared to trivialize the seriousness of the situation at hand (yes I know it is serious) but I must say the images are funny.

Governor Sonko just after his electoral win as Governor of Nairobi waived the charges on photography in the CBD to allow photographers to freely practice their art as it was also a form of generating income but low and  behold, Nairobi youngins have decided to misuse the privilege especially on Sundays and have decided to take some very weird and nasty pictures and sharing them on social media.

#IfikieWazazi! Kenyans angered by these ‘dirty’ photoshoots being done by Nairobi youngsters

After this hashtag trended, it raised an alarm as to whether parents are aware of what goes on in their children’s lives.