The fuel crisis has hit Kenyans hard. The lines at fuelling stations is proof of a looming crisis if nothing is done to restore normalcy.

It is sad that most people though it would only affect the rich with cars but the worst came when everything else has gone up. From food to transport fare to gas, basically what we use in our day to day lives.

The fuel crisis has affected everyone including celebrities who people think do not fall in this category or think they are special.

Speaking to a Mpasho, a few celebrities are call out on the government to make changes and found a solution to the the fuel hike problem that has caused Kenyans a lot.

Willis Raburu: I think that the government MUST put the needs of the people first. Yes, we have loans, yes we must be able to pay them but not at the expense of the taxpayer. The people are the bosses the government serve and they must do all they can to ensure they better the lives of the people. It is also sad that we are making noise about this issue only when the well to do are affected. That being said I hope a solution is found soon.

Shaffie Weru: Spending more than your budget is a serious inconvenience but to be Kenyan is all about being inconvenienced…I always expect and plan for the worst to avoid getting a heart attack…The Gova needs to mind its citizens We can’t be taxed on everything including the energy to breathe and expect too productive

Shaffie Weru

Allan Wanga: To be honest Kenya we should get past such things, everyone is struggling. the gap is so huge between the rich and the poor. it is a basic need to Kenyans not only for the rich. The President, the DP and Ralia should look for a solution on how that tax can not be applied on the petrol. It might bring conflict yet we have been peaceful for a while. Kenyans now just want a solution.

Allan Wanga

Daddy Owen has also confessed that he has a personal experience now that he is in ushago.

Random thoughts: Why you should care about the rising fuel costs

It has affected him because he is Kakamega and he is afraid that he might not get fuel and he will eventually g back to Nairobi and he needs full tank.

in case the fuel ishas, i might not be able to come back, i am scared.

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