Wahu and Nameless
With the love of his life

Guys may be hard to understand but knowing some of the little things that turn them on can make a whole lota difference.

Here are some things you can do to low key turn on your man and make him crazy for ya!

When you finger through his hair while thinking
Subconscious running of hands through the hair may turn on a lot of guys. Ladies with natural hair are a great turn on to a lot of guys.

When you smell good
A woman’s trademark is her smell. Women who smell good look good. A man will want to be associated with a woman who smells good.

When you are knowledgeable and helpful about a subject
A woman who is able to bring out an argument in a smart way especially in front of a man and his boys issa win. Men like knowledgeable ladies who use their brain.

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When you are supportive
Ladies who support and celebrate their men and the small wins that they achieve are a trophy. Men will always look for ladies who are willing to stick with them through the good and the bad times.

When you make good eye contact
Self-confidence is expressed in many ways and one of the ways we can express confidence is through eye contact. Being able to hold a conversation without feeling as though they are talking to a minor.

When you drop the macho act and get vulnerable
Men are turned on when ladies become emotional and vulnerable especially in a heated argument and they speak out their hearts.

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