Swaleh Mdoe

Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has gone ham on newsroom politics.

If you can all remember, Swaleh was demoted early this year after refusing to pull down an appeal he had made seeking a buyer of his kidney at Ksh 2.5 million, saying he was in a financial crisis which even the banks could not help.

Now, it turns out kuna drama in the newsroom.

In a rant, Swaleh took to his Twitter and wrote, “Kenyans are obsessed with BIG titles. Dr, Prof, Eng so-and-so.Senior Editor, Senior Anchor. What seniority is there when we are editing same copy or reading news? Just asking SENIOR media gurus. Labish.


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Anyhow, Swaleh has also authored a book aimed at giving practical lessons to upcoming newscasters on what it takes to succeed on the big screen.

In the book, Swaleh advises, “Presenting news is not public speaking. It’s conventional. Read the news as if you are talking to a friend. You should connect with your audience. Treat the viewers at home as your friends because they invite you in their homes to watch you read news every day.”

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Swaleh Mdoe
Swaleh Mdoe


“Don’t scare your viewers. Why would you start a story with, “This story is very sad and bizarre”? We don’t want to know about the labour pains, we just want to see the baby.”


This is the veteran journalist’s first English book having previously authored at least five other books, all in Swahili.

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