Mike Sonko with Mbogi Genje

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called on the department of youth and sports to fast-track formulation of talent. He spoke at his Upper Hill office where he hosted the Mbogi Genje Group.

The group of young upcoming musicians has written 10 songs which Guyo and the Governor promised to ensure they are produced to required standards and Incubation Bill to pave way for funding of artists and sporting talents in the county.

Sonko says there is a need for a legal framework through which the county can invest in talent development.

“We need to have a proper plan through which we can be funding artists and various youth groups that thrive on individual talent to make a living,” Sonko said.

He said having a bill that addresses the issue will help reduce the unemployment rate among youths in Nairobi.

“It is something that the department of youths must work on very fast with the help of relevant committees in the county assembly,” Sonko said.

His sentiments were supported by Assembly Speaker Abdi Guyo who said such a Bill, once tabled in the assembly, will enable youth understand and benefit from such funds.

“If this motion is tabled, we don’t have any other choice but to support it. Most youth have been suffering a lot and it’s high time they benefit from the leaders,” Guyo said.

Mike Sonko with Mbogi Genje

The governor has previously supported artists like Kelma Shiko, Red Hot with his hit song ‘Show me love’, the Wagi Family from Kware, among others.

Wagi Family is one of the youth groups cleaning the expansive Nairobi river.

“Wanted arrested guilty innocent (WAGI) I have just learnt how it means, you know those boys were wanted gang members, they committed a lot of crimes, but they got motivated by establishment of Sonko Rescue Team and launching of cleaning of the expansive Nairobi river, that’s where they get their income from,” he said.

They have composed several hit songs with the aim of educating the society, especially about illegal abortions, which have been witnessed in the river.

The group has so far retrieved 29 bodies from the river since the launch of Nairobi River Restoration project by Governor Sonko in July 2018.

The 29 include 24 infants and 5 adults.

Sonko has further supported 27-year-old Cleopatra Wanjiku, a young entrepreneur who works in brands.

Apart from music, the Governor made his personal contribution towards assisting young talents including Mathare 4A Football Academy, car washing machines to several youth groups, and salons and barber shops.

He has called on youths to register themselves in youth groups so that they can be funded through well recognized frameworks.

“Music is life. We should get serious like our neighboring brothers in Tanzania (Bongo flava). I am going to do everything possible to get youth to understand the meaning of music,” Sonko said.

Sonko shows up in court in Louis Vuitton designer mask (photos)