Vera Sidika

This socialite beef seems to be far from over and the year is about to end on a dramatic note for top Kenyan hotties Vera Sidika and Huddah.

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz had invited the two to his Wasafi Christmas beach party in Tanzania, on the 24th of December 2016, to make a special appearance, with Huddah being the first one to talk about the event on social media.

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Vera Sidika was mum about it until a day before the main event, when she revealed that she was going to attend the party with her old friend Diamond Platnumz.

Vera Sidika has had a good relationship with the Chibu’s for a while now and is very close with Diamond’s socialite boo, Zari Hassan, and was even invited to Princess Tiffah’s birthday a few weeks ago.

But on the other hand, Zari and Huddah have not been seeing eye to eye after she started bashing the Ugandan native of trapping Diamond with children so that she can have all his wealth and even going to the extent of calling her “grandma”, because she’s older than the Bongo star and has other 3 kids.

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Actually, Zari never posted anything about any of the two lasses, regarding the beach party, but she did attend, of course, to support her hubby and the father of her children.

For some reason, I was sure Huddah and Vera would not meet face to face even if it’s all about the bizniz, coz let’s be real lasses always have issues with each other, with jealousy being the leading factor, and for these two, it’s no different.

Huddah apparently snubbed the beach party and didn’t make any appearance, and has not yet explained or sent an apology to her fans!

As for Vera Sidika, who seems mature, she made sure she didn’t disappoint her friend Diamond and Zari, and while at it, she showed off her sexy curvy and booty, in a sexy neon bikini with a black, sheer cover up.

Vera Sidika had a blast and twerked to the banging music during the party, making men drool in lust. Check out the video below and watch Vera shake her tail feather like a pro!