Lilian Muli

Rumors have spread like a wildfire that Citizen TV’s news anchor Lillian Muli has found love after separating with her husband – Moses Njuguna Kanene.

This is after a photo surfaced on social media showing her ‘hanging out’ with a mysterious man who according to some, might be her new flame.

The two ‘lovebirds’ were photographed at a the Jamrock Reggae Festival which went down over the weekend.

Reports indicate that they shared drinks and danced together until the wee hours before parting ways.

In the photo, the news anchor is seen smiling for the cameras while the gentleman wears a gloomy face.

Her new ‘choice’ has been received with mixed reactions from her fans. While some lauded her, others were busy criticizing his looks.

Here is the photo.

Lillian filed for divorce in in January 2016, citing cheating and temper as some of the reasons she wanted to leave her husband.

According to a local daily, Kanene left their matrimonial home and cheated on her with several women.

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