This has got to be one of the worst interviews ever on Kenyan TV. It was probably even worse than the Tony Gachoka interview with Jeff Koinange a few months ago. Was Kenyan rapper Prezzo drunk during a live interview on National TV? Looks like it. 

The rapper who is currently promoting his new track after being off the airwaves for like two years did not look composed at all when on set.

Prezzo Caught On Camera Canoodling His Woman… Hanky Panky?

He started by showing off his expensive shoes and chains. At some point, Prezzo got out of hand, and he honestly gave Betty Kyalo a hard time controlling him when he started acting ‘weird’.

In the interview, Prezzo claimed that he has been in school, talked about being Kikuyu for the first time and as expected, he trash-talked his arch rival Jaguar.

Watch the hilarious interview below;