A matatu owned by Ongata Line Sacco was reduced to ashes on Saturday, February 4 after knocking down a boda boda operator killing him on the spot.

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The driver of the matatu christened 007 a.k.a Bond was reportedly speeding to town when the accident occurred.

An irate mob pounced on him and set the vehicle ablaze when he stopped to help the man whom he had injured.

Here are the photos:

A hawk-eyed colleague of mine recently brought it to my attention that the matatu which was burnt down was on the headlines three months ago for the wrong reasons.

The crew of the matatu which bears the  number plates KCB 623M was accused of robbing and mistreating a passenger.

Jane Wanjiku took to social media to highlight the plight of his brother whose lip was bitten off after he refused to cooperate with a rogue tout who wanted to steal from him.

According to the woman, her brother boarded a Rongao Sacco matatu after arriving late in Nairobi for a job interview.

When they got to a bus stage known as Barclays Rongai, the tout reached for her brother’s pocket but he (the brother) shoved his hand after he noticed what was happening.

His repulsion did not go down well with the tout and he decided to bite his upper lip, taking a huge chunk with him.

The matatu stopped and Bernard was thrown out with his bags but they remained with his phone. He went to the station to report the matter but was sent away by a female officer.

Here are the photos:

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