Celebrated sexy TV siren Betty Kyallo has been socially active of late. She has been engaging her fans on her social media platforms recently maybe just to make it clear that she is not ‘bad’ as many refer to her.

During her recent ‘question and answer’ session on Twitter, a heated exchange ensued between Betty and one of her followers after he requested to have dinner with her claiming they had so much in common. Really?

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This did not go well with Betty who turned down the guy’s date request by stating that “The only dinner we will have is me on TV sipping water and you at home as you eat.”

Thirsty men have been flocking Betty Kyallo’s social media accounts just to salivate over her gorgeous looks. Well, the mother of one was forced to delete the tweet but as usual, someone had already taken a screenshot of it.

The drama continued and below are some of Betty’s hilarious responses to those who trolled her