Every has a past. No one is a saint. So if you come across some nasty stuff about someone don’t be too quick to judge. Well, photos of Size 8 before she was born again have surfaced online and everyone is talking about her.

Afadhali Yesu! Size 8 Never Looked This Hot When She Was Secular, DJ MO Must Be Smiling

Size 8, who was once a secular singer, got saved in 2014 and ditched the industry for gospel music. Ever since, the Mateke hit singer has been blessed, with her life changing for the better. From landing major endorsement deals to making fashion statements, Size 8 is indeed giving her counterparts a run for their money.

Married to top gospel spin-master, DJ Mo, the power couple is blessed with a cute daughter Ladasha, who is also a celebrity just like her parents.

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Well, below are photos of Size 8 before she gave her life to Christ, check them out