You will be surprised to know that Kenyan female actresses and comedians did not always look this fwaiiine.
Here is a list of the stars who look almost unrecognizable away from the screens where we know them from.
Mama Baha
Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha usually portrays a reserved character on the TV show Machachari.
In real life, she’s the opposite of what she does for a living. Away from her Mama Baha character her beauty is to die for.


Her real name is Aisha Noor and she plays a naive Luhya girl who cracks our ribs with her funny antics.
But away from the screens, ‘Truphena’ is very hot and no one can deny that, check her out in the photos below.

Mama Nyagothie

Born Mary Adhiambo Airo, Mama Nyagothie is a captivating character in the local TV drama Papa Shirandula.

She acts as a landlady and with her thick on-screen Kikuyu accent, you cannot easily tell she is from the lakeside city.



Winnie Rubi a.k.a Awiti always leaves her audiences in stitches whenever she graces the screen.

She is the plus size woman who brightens our evenings whenever she is doing what she does best on the TV show Auntie Boss.

Awiti on screen is worlds apart and away from Winnie Rubi, her beauty cannot go unnoticed.




Wilbroda whose real name is Jacque Nyaminde acts in the popular television show known as Papa Shirandula.

She was cast in the role of Papa Shirandula’s dramatic spouse.


  See how she looks off the screens


Nice Wanjeri popularly known as Shiru is undoubtedly one of the most talented and hilarious personalities on our screens, thanks to Auntie Boss.

The talented mother of one played the role of a house help and her humour left our ribs cracking. She is simply delightful.


Of later, after she left the show, Wanjeri is looking like a million bucks

Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiro


Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja is a celebrated actress on Papa Shirandula playing the role of a clueless mboch.

The sexy damsel who is known for her top-notch sense of fashion is a true definition of African beauty.


The mother of one would easily pass for an 18-year-old thanks to her well-toned body.


We all know her as Jemutai for her hilarious stand-up comedy in Churchill Show. She plays the typical naive Kalenjin lady. She always leaves us in stitches whenever she’s on screen.

But her real name is Stella Bunei Koitie and away from her Jemutai character her beauty can drive any man crazy.


Below is the real Jemutai

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