Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze has come to be known as one of the most controversial gospel singers in Kenya, but he has not let the speculations and rumors deter him. He still records and drops tracks that often become instant hit songs.

For some reason, despite his not so appealing image and controversies, the Fanya hitmaker finds a way to appease his fans with his music, especially among the youth.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul recently dropped a song with celebrated songstress Size 8, dubbed Tiga Wana, which was received with a lot of criticism and negative feedback, with most of their fans saying that it as not Godly and it’s message did not have any Christian influence in it.

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But despite all the bad talk, the song has really been talked about and watched to the point that it’s garnered over 700k views on YouTube in less than a month. This is also the same case for Willy Paul’s Fanya which is also at 700K views on the same platform.

Willy Paul has also been hit with a lot of scandals in the past but has denied most of them, saying that his haters were plotting against him and spreading lies and rumors to ruin his name.

Size 8 and Willy Paul

Some of the allegations that Willy Paul has received include; asking nudes from young girls, drinking alcohol which is not accepted as a born-again Christian, stealing Bahati’s songs and flirting with a lot of women.

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But despite all this drama, and controversies, Willy Paul still has a huge social media following and a lot of fans out there get really excited whenever they see him. To some, being so close to a big artiste leaves them overwhelmed.


Willy Paul recently came across a female Muslim fan and when he interacted with her, even taking a video with the beautiful lass, she was ecstatic, and she couldn’t help but blush during the whole recording.

It’s good to know that the Tam Tam singer is recognized even by other religions in Kenya, so maybe he’s not that bad after all… Check out the video below as Willy Paul makes the lass blush.

Made her day… true fan

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