Miss those days where you could spend a whole class lesson humming, playing drums or just looking at musical symbols? I personally hated music lessons. They bored me to death. It was until later on in my mid-teen years that I realized that I wanted to do some music but that’s not really where my heart lay.

But for people with passion, it goes without saying that they would advocate for the re-introduction of those classes back to high school. The guys wishing for this are non other than the hottest Afro-pop musical band in Kenya right now, Elani. They recently bagged an AFRIMA award for the best African pop song.

They’ve teamed up with other Kenyan artists to launch an initiative dubbed Muziki Shuleni. It seeks to offer music lessons at Nairobi’s Milimani Primary School as well as musical camps. Led by Marvin Maveke, the team includes Eric Wainaina, Juliani, Anto Neo Soul, Atemi, Ziki and Chris Adwar.

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