As you know by now, DJ Kym Nickdee is in Australia for his tour. The well decorated mixer is touring several cities, interacting with his fans and giving them the best of Kenyan entertainment.

Since landing in Aussie, the DJ has been sharing photos of his experience with fans who adore his work.

Just before he left, I had a quick interview with him on what he expects

Basically, we’re going to have a great time! Fun times!! Having this opportunity to entertain 4 different cities-Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, I’m super excited. NickDee effect is about to take place.. expect a thrilling show full of energy and a vast music selection. I am super amped!”

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DJ Kym Nickdee is one of the most popular entertainers in Kenya, with his work being played in major clubs, in matatus and events. He is also a resident DJ on Kiss TV and Kiss 100 FM.

It’s very clear that it is exactly what he’s doing!

Kym Nickdee

Kym Nickdee

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