Family is one of the key components that make many people see, and or feel, some fulfilment in life. To have or not to have a family is a personal decision from between 2 (or more) individuals. But there are people out there who really make having a family so much fun as seems to be the case with Anthony Ndiema.

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Case in point: KTN’s Anthony Ndiema. This chap is the host of the Mombasa Road-based TV station’s Tukuza, a gospel show broadcast on Sundays, alongside DJ Sadiq.

This is what he says about family:

“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.”

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That’s the exact reason why Ndiema decided that some things do matter in life, but there are some that matter most. He is not known to be the kind of person who puts his private life out there, but he is always giving us some snippets of his family life via his social media accounts.