On Saturday singer Akothee’s second-born Rue Baby celebrated her 22 birthday at Golden Bistro club along Mombasa Road.

The invites only party was attended by Rue Baby’s agemates and close friends but Akothee ni nani? She gatecrashed.

After geting access to the restricted area where Rue and her friends were seated, the singer and her daughter started dancing. They pulled best moves leaving revelers awwed.

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But after the dance, Akothee felt so comfortable and wanted to join Rue’s table but the lass wasn’t happy. She called security to eject her.

security… she was not invited. security please ninewalipa pease. atolewe,’ the runaway model told the guards.

The angry singer had no choice but leave she was escorted by security guards.

you’re throwing me out Even after dancing?’ she told her daughter.

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The mother of five took to social media to lament about the treatment at the event and she wrote,

I invited myself though, she didn’t allow me to her table but was all good, I had fun, my love, @rue.baby.


Rue Baby

Rue Baby


Below are reactions to Akothee’s being evicted from Rue Baby’s table.

d.i.a.n.a So you finally invited yourself to Rue’s birthday party…I love the way you create job opportunities for your fellow Kenyan all those bodyguards.

metrinlavusa So you made sure umevuruga kidogo.

ewwainaina Love it…. the bond is real.

Mary Atieno @madam boss my President, with all due respect mom, the party was Rue’s not yours!!..How could you dance as if the party was yours????..

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Kevin Wamukota Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka.

Jacquie Love Professional gate crusher haha.

Car Roll Twentyfour Security is tight na ungekua prezzo?

Here is the video