With better access to smartphones and the Internet, we are more connected to each other than ever. Whether it is the ability to reach out to your loved ones, find out what your nemesis from high school is up to or even champion the latest social injustice, our physical lives and online lives have never been more intertwined.

While we may be getting online easier, (who doesn’t want their followers to know about their latest epic holiday), each megabyte you use costs – and they tend to add up.

Facebook for example uses 1.5MB per minute, of regular usage. This means browsing through the news feed and viewing photos. If you wanted to view video content, you’re looking at around 2.6MB per minute – depending on the quality and length of the videos you are watching.

Now if we look at that over say 45 minutes of Facebook time per day, that adds up to just over 2GB of data per month. For most of us 45 minutes a day on Facebook does not even remotely come close to what the time we spend aimlessly scrolling down the feed, watching a never-ending conveyor belt of mostly useless information.

Now that will definitely add up. We know this, yet we persevere.

Browse Facebook On Safaricom
Browse Facebook On Safaricom

Not for much longer, however. A new scheme by Safaricom may mean that the days of overspending to fulfill our Facebook addiction may be at an end.

With Furahia Facebook Kadogo Na Safaricom, mobile phone users will be able to use Facebook for free so that even when you don’t have any bundles left, you can still catch up with those who you care about, and catch up on the latest news and trends.

All you have to do is dial *544 *33# and you will receive an SMS with all the information. All you need to do is ensure that your Internet is on – it will not be used to take your bundles.

Once you’ve signed on you can, write posts and stories, send messages, comment, like and share. Basically, the Facebook experiences with none of the costs.

So there you have it! Be sure to sign up so you’re never out of the loop.

More about this service

This Service offers Safaricom subscribers a chance to experience basic Facebook services for free, without using their airtime or data bundle (“Facebook Free Mode”). It also offers subscribers an opportunity to experience in data mode, using their airtime or data bundles (“Facebook Data Mode”).

This Service is open to all Safaricom Prepay and PostPay subscribers.

From your Safaricom line type facebook.com on all major mobile browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Safari and Android browsers. You can also access through the latest version of the Facebook Android application, and the latest version of the Facebook Lite Android application.

You will know you are using Facebook Free Mode if you have a purple banner at the top of your Facebook interface. The banner will also indicate “Free Mode”.

Facebook in Free Mode
Facebook in Free Mode