Nameless revealed a very shocking side of his tastes and preferences that will break the hearts of a section of Kenyans.

The singer you just serenaded his wife with a hot romantic jam titled ‘Am Good’, reveals the one thing that they don’t see eye to eye on with the wife.

Drum rolls, please.

Nameless believes with all his heart that avocado isn’t, and, will never be bae.

”Imagine I feel nothing! i know it is going to be a bit of a problem. Yes, I’m sorry, I don’t like avocados,” he said in an exclusive interview with

A shocked Atemi exclaimed? “Avocado is not bae?”

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The two are working on a tour dubbed ‘Inspired by Kenya’ sponsored by Leleshwa Wines.

The tour will celebrate Kenya as a beautiful and magical country and showcased its beauty and romance through the melodious tunes of the two stars.

The tour culminates in the release of the hit song ‘Romantic’ by the Bebi Bebi hit maker, Atemi Oyungu featuring the legendary Kenya pop artist Nameless.

Romantic is a fun, uplifting and catchy love song that tells the story of African romance as each side asks for more romance from the other side.

The audio will be officially released on September 18 and the video will be launched at an online event on September 20, at 7:30 pm.

Anyhow, Nameless went ahead to say: “I’m shocked how much Kenyans love avocado. That is what is shocking me,until I saw on social media how guys will be talking about avocado, and i’m like, ‘Whaaaaat!?'”

After the nasty beat down, Redsan’s producer speaks out!

Wahu Kagwi


“I used to see my wife enjoying it so much but I could not understand what the fuss was all about. What social media has done is, it has brought out things that before we just used to discuss in homes. I just used to see that my wife likes avocado and I used to say, ‘Why do you like avocado?’ and that story ends there. And I would just think, you are weird till I realized it is a movement.”

Watch the hilarious video of Nameless expressing shock and Atemi’s reaction to his not being #TeamAvocadoIsBae.

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