Anne Mwaura has tried hard to hide her love life. But as you know we always have the juice.

Anne Mwaura is the lady who won the Capital One competition. She hosts a show alongside Tracy Wanjiru, Anita Nderu and Joe Kisila at night –Hits Not Homework. They are the team that replaced Amina Abdi and Solo.

Amina hosted the new voices on radio on her last show on The Trend where she had, Cate Sidede from Kiss 100, Mike Mondo from Classic 105 and Anne from Capital.

Just when Amina was introducing Anne Mwaura, she hinted that Anne is dating a famous guy in the entertainment industry. This left us wondering how this could be.

Anne went ahead to even tell us that she saw Capital was looking for presenters and she was persuaded to send in a video. Anne confesses that she figured she would not win because well, her competition shared videos that she felt were just too good.

In fact, she did not even send it, her boyfriend did. Now, this got us wondering who this boyfriend is.

Well, you do know we give you nothing but the tea. From my research, Anne Mwaura is dating DJ Kace the African Mzungu.

DJ Kace has been gracing our clubs with bangers for a pretty long time now. How he managed to keep his relationship chini ya maji, is still a mystery.

Anne did not want to disclose her man saying they both have separate jobs and brands and so they that is a non-issue. Well worry not Anne, I did the job for you. This was the caption that uzad her under her man’s picture on social media:

After hours of thinking about the perfect caption… all I could come up with was “My boyfriend” 🖤

Well, seems like interracial dating is a Hits Not Homework thing. Tracy who is Anne Mwaura’s co-host hid her boyfriend from the world but then during a party they could not hold back their emotions and they were captured kissing and looking all lovey-dovey.

Anita Nderu did the same but she now openly shows of her Muhindi bae and those two know how to have a good time.

Now meet DJ Kace, Anne Mwaura’s boyfriend:

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