betPawa has announced the latest winner of the Sunday million jackpot as Ian Nzioka from Mombasa. By analyzing jackpot matches, the lucky technician was able to make thirteen correct predictions with only 10 shillings.

An ecstatic Nzioka said, “I spent that weekend at home and analyzed the jackpot matches very keenly. My account had 90 shillings and so after placing some other normal bets, I decided to bet on the jackpot afterwards.

“After analyzing the matches, I selected the lucky dip option and when I compared with what I had picked, they matched. I knew this was it,”


However, despite his initial confidence in his choices, Nzokia admitted that waiting for the results was a nail biting experience saying, “I kept pacing the house as we waited for the final matches to end.

“My friend Sammy asked me to take a walk with him but I couldn’t. Deep inside, with 7 matches resulted, I knew this was it. Eventually all matches went according to my predictions and I was over the moon.”

The result was a whopping Sh1million, which was awarded to him by betPawa during an ceremony held in Nairobi. And Nzokia is not stopping there, promising to continue playing and encouraging others to take up the challenge and play the betPawa 10shilling Sunday million jackpot.

Sunday million jackpot

The Sunday million jackpot is the latest innovation in the line of betPawa products, and customers can now bet for as low as 10 shillings, and stand a chance to win 1million shillings if they correctly predict 13 matches. There are also amazing bonuses that clients get if they predict 9-12 matches correctly.

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