Google normally compiles the most searched trending terms.

The last month of April had some interesting results according to a report from the search engine.

The terms that dominated the search trends mostly dealt with what concerned Kenyans most. Huduma Number in early April topped the April Google Search Trends.

Huduma Number is a free government service that involves collecting biometric data from citizens and foreigners residing in the country with the aim of creating a central master population database.

The death of popular American hip hop artist, Nipsey Hussle came in second. The love for football in Kenya is a never-ending love, with the Arsenal-Napoli match coming in third.

These matches were followed by games played in both the Champions League and Premier League. The fourth trending query was the Sportpesa app once again showing the betting craze amongst Kenyans was.

Fictional supervillain, Thanos who appears in American comic books and superhero movies was the fifth trending query on the Google Search Trends. This makes sense as the movie he features prominently in, Avengers: Endgame premiered last week.

At number six was the death of Jonathan Toroitich Moi, the eldest son of former president Daniel Arap Moi. Jonathan, 64, passed away at Mediheal Hospital in Nakuru after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The gruesome murder of 25-year-old Moi University student Ivy Wangechi was the seventh most searched query in April.

At number eight was the natural disaster Cyclone Kenneth that destroyed thousands of homes and killed dozens of people in Mozambique.

Terrorist bombing attack in Sri Lanka was ninth query on the Search Trends.

The tenth most searched query was the intriguing story of the Kakamega Twins. The two identical girls are said to have been separated at birth only to meet 19 years later.

In the ‘How to’ category, the most trending search was, How to Lose Weight -a query that is recurring with the increased awareness on the importance of adopting healthier lifestyles while

How to Withdraw Money From Sportpesa came in second, once again demonstrating the increased betting in the country. Kenyans also searched How to cook mandazi;

How to join the illuminati and How to get pregnant – another recurring search that shows the struggles Kenyans may have with fertility.

Most Trending General Searches are below:

Huduma Number

Nipsey Hussle

Arsenal Vs. Napoli (UEFA Champions League)



Johnathan Moi

Ivy Wangechi

Cyclone Kenneth

Sri Lanka

Kakamega Twins

Most Trending “How to” searches:

How to lose weight

How to withdraw money from sportpesa

How to cook mandazi

How to join Illuminati

How to get pregnant

How to lose weight

How to play Shabiki

How to make pancakes

How to book SGR

How to hack a phone

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