Dance choreographer Ezra of FBI dance crew accused video director J Blessing of hitting on his girlfriend Isha Raffi when the two were not in good terms.

Ezra hit the headlines a few weeks ago when Raffi accused him of cheating on her and even provided receipts from other women to prove that he indeed was unfaithful.

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Well, the two are back together and got to chat exclusively to in an Instagram Live session where Ezra said that J Blessing used that chance to hit on his girl

“When we had broken up, there is this person who is in the entertainment industry, who asked me for Isha’s number. He told me he wanted to reconcile us only to find out that he went to hit on my girl”

“This person is none other than J Blessing. He was my friend but I don’t consider him a friend anymore,”

Isha confirmed that what Ezra had accused Blessing of doing was true.

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A post shared by Mpasho News (@mpashogram) had to get J Blessing’s side of the story and it seems she had contacted the both of them, to reconcile them.

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According to screenshots of the conversation between Isha and Blessing, the two seem to have had a prayer session.



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