Three students at Makueni Girls’ High School allegedly plotted to poison a classmate over a love affair.

One of the girls found out the classmate is dating her boyfriend, who is a student at Makueni Boys’ High School.

She told her two friends about the affair and together they hatched the plot to eliminate her.

The girls are in Form 2 and are aged 15.

The incident was reported to the police last Thursday but the officers asked the school management to handle it, Makueni deputy county police commander Justus Kitetu said.

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A report from Makueni police boss Timothy Maina shows that the girls had conspired to lace the victim’s meal with phenolphthalein stolen from the school laboratory during lunchtime.

One was to execute the plan as the other two kept watch.

“however, the plan failed when the executor refused to execute it leading to a quarrel amongst themselves,” maina’s report reads.

One of them then told a prefect who informed the school administration.

The incident was reported to Makueni police station by deputy principal Dorcas Nzioka.

The students were questioned at the station but were not locked up.

“not all cases reported to the police end up in court because there are so many ways of resolving matters depending on its weight,” kitetu told reporters in her office yesterday.

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Nzioka said the case had been referred back to the school management. However, she refused to disclose the whereabouts of the students.

“we shall give you our final findings when we are through,” nzioka said.


A source at Makueni police station told the Star that the students were sent home after being interrogated by the police.


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