Vinny one of the suspected thugs shot in Dandora on Sunday 28/8/2018

Police pumped seven bullets into one of the five youths killed in Dandora on Sunday.

Families of the victims viewed the bullet-ridden bodies yesterday at City Mortuary shortly before a postmortem was carried out.

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Thirty-four-year-old father of five Alex Githuku, who is the owner of the shanty police allege was used to sell bhang, had several bullet wounds – his face, ribs and chest had one each while his back had two.

Vinny one of the suspected thugs shot in Dandora on Sunday 28/8/2018

The second victim of what is now being pursued as a case of extrajudicial killing, Fredrick Ochieng’, 22, also known as Ojode, was shot four times. A relative who refused to be named for fear of reprisals by the police said:

We saw four bullet wounds, three of them on the head and one on his neck.

Two of the other victims were shot three times while the last had two bullets in their bodies.

The third victim – Davis Tekei – had three bullet wounds all on his head as did Vincent Mandu on his left cheek and forehead, the relatives recounted. The fifth victim, only identified as Chege is said to have two bullet wounds on his neck and head.

Scrap metal dealer Alex Githuku who was among five shot dead by crime busters at the Dandora dumpsite on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

The postmoterm was witnessed by two officials of Dandora Community Justice Centre, the lobby that has been following the incident, who requested anonymity for security reasons. The postmortem result of Fredrick Ochieng seen by the Star does not indicate the number of bullets recovered from the body. The police will release the official results of the postmortems of the remaining four victims to the families today.

In the report, the police insist the victims were suspected drug peddlers and were armed. “The suspects fired at the approaching officers and at that point, shooting ensued,” the report reads.

Buruburu OCPD Geoffrey Mayek on Monday said those shot were criminals. The officials said the families were only allowed to identify the bodies and then ejected. “They were not allowed to witness the postmortem exercise,” one of them said.

The officials claimed the officers and the morgue attendants were generally hostile to the mother and family members of Githuku having appeared on NTV over the killings.

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The official said;

Once they identified the face of Jane Wambui, the mother to Alex, they became generally hostile to them, saying they had involved the press. 

The officials said the police appear to be keen to cover up the killings. “The family appears to be victimised for speaking to the press,” he said.

The family was told to collect the postmortem results at Kinyago police station. Witness accounts indicate the officer who gunned down Githuku was known to him. “Alex and the officer were engaged in a short exchange before he pumped the bullets in him,” the witness said.

It is also said the specific officer was a regular visitor at the shanty and could have differed over cash. The families have been given the go ahead to bury their loved ones, but denied gathering permits. The family of David Tekei will transport the body to Kitale for burial.

The relatives of Chege will move the body to Murang’a while Alex will be moved to Nyeri. The body of Fredrick Ochieng will be transported to Busia.

The remains of a makeshift structure which was torched by the police after gunning down five people at the Dandora dumpsite on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

Civil rights group DCJC said it is in the final stages of documenting the killings.

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 Credits: The Star