maureen waititu

Youtuber Maureen Waititu is heavily preaching positive vibes, especially for the last three months since she started seeing a psychiatrist. This was after breaking up with her boyfriend and father of her kids, Frankie.

Recently, she confessed to taking anti-depressant pills that balance the chemicals in her brain so she can get out of depression.

“When you are really sad, it brings you to normal. The other one helps me sleep and it wears off,” she said.

“I never rest being a single mum of two boys, and I work really hard and barely get time for myself and I need structure. Whenever I am free, I feel guilty and I need to learn how to slow down.”


“I was in such a bad state and Dr Njuguna (the psychiatrist) wanted to admit me but I told him I have kids to take care of. He saved my life.”

At the moment Waititu has asked people not to give up on their dreams and plans during this season of coronavirus-induced isolation.

Posting on Instagram, Maureen said,

“Don’t give up on anything. Think of this as a journey by a cruise ship. The waves are only stronger than usual, perhaps some water is sipping into the vessel. But what do you do? Give up and let the waters take over? No!”

She urged people to take the best cause of action, to trace their life jackets and boats because they need to survive aggressively.

“Don’t cancel the year 2020 yet. We shall overcome this, as a nation and globally. It shall pass.”

She also asked people to continue trusting in God.

“Observe social distance, take your immune boosters, stay healthy and stay positive,” she said.

“Also pray for Italy and the infected and affected people.”

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