YouTuber Maureen Waititu says her children saved her from committing suicide.

Narrating her journey a year after sinking into a life-draining sadness, Waititu disclosed that she seriously considered suicide, twice.

The YouTuber was dating fitness enthusiast Frankie Kiarie before they broke up last year.

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She shared a photo of herself on Instagram, revealing that the smile was covering severe sadness and depression.

“The following day I attempted suicide for the second and last time ever,” she wrote. “One year later, I’ve beat depression, got off depression medication, fought several silent battles and won, fought off cyberbullying and seen my life change right in front of my eyes as I achieved things I never even imagined would be possible.”

She said people ask her how she did it but mostly, she has no answer as it is a very personal journey.

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Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu

The mother of two recounted a day she was driving back from Murang’a and she heard her son Kai, who was only a few months old, say ‘mama’ for the first time.

Lexi, the firstborn, on the other hand, was days to turning four years old. She says Lexi saved her life over and over again and the thought of leaving her precious boys allowed her to snap out of her suicidal state and fight for her two boys.

“Although I felt like my world was coming to an end, weh! Never again,” she said.

Waititu said she then started seeking treatment that healed her of her depression.

She said although it was hard, she took the healing journey extremely seriously and without shame.

“I took my medication and saw my psychiatrist religiously and without fail. But guess what?” she said.

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Waititu MaureenAdding,

“My faith and trust in God, my determination to heal, self-education, a good support system and keeping an open mind accelerated my healing. I never thought I’d say this but I have seen the other side of healing and it’s beautiful.”

She encouraged people to always seek safe spaces to talk and development of support structures.

“For anyone feeling lost and broken, trust me when I tell you this, better days are always ahead,” she wrote. “Just don’t give up on yourself and accept help where it’s offered.”

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