A few months ago, when word went round that Kenya’s wealthiest record label owner had bought a plane, the entertainment industry was abuzz.

Top Kenyan Record Producer Splashes Money On A Brand New Jet


Many thought it was vain opulence. but what many do not know is that his company also undertakes enormous charity projects.
Why don’t many know about this? Well, because the philosophy that governs Candy n Candy records is that charity is to be whispered about, not declared.

However, be that as it may, i am obligated to tell you about what Candy n Candy is upto.

Ladies and gentlemen, Candy n candy have undertaken a new project dubbed “Save A Girl Festival” which will be held on the 2nd of May and together with the Pink Girl Foundation, a charity based organization in the United Kingdom will be looking for hundreds of volunteers who will serve as the save A Girl Foundation’s ambassadors.


When? 2nd of May

Where? City cabanas Park